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Ladies and Gentlemen;


As you all know, in the management of every society, politics is what the heart is for human. If the human heart is corrupted, the rest of the body is also automatically corrupted. This goes the same way with politics: when principles of good governance are abused, we assist to a total collapse of the society, which furthermore will be characterized by corruption, the emergence of some values decay, of favoritism, intolerance, clientless… in a nutshell to the establishment of a dictatorship, to the example of sub-Saharan societies, of Asia and Latin America.


All efforts undertaken for the sake of developments ended up in failure. Multiform, profound and persistent economic and social crisis have finally swept everything away.

Programs of structural re-adjustment proposed by different development agencies, have demonstrated their limitations as if these societies, African in particular are extra terrestrial. The human life has become materialized in these societies, and the man who is our privilege and the one who must enjoy the spill over of a good management in society; hates to have been part of a community. Consequently, we are assisting to catastrophic immigrations and brain drain.


This chaotic situation constitutes, so to say the identity card of sub-Saharan countries, of Latin America and Asia.

Long time ago the explanation was being sought at the economic side. But today, it has clearly appeared that, after several researches and experiences on the ground; that this failure is linked to a governance deficit, to bad governance, to corruption and to the absence of pluralist democracy.


Ladies and Gentlemen;


This is why, considering its importance, the Good Governance is today at the heart of new consensus on development, at the heart of multilateral and bilateral cooperation; and constitutes an important and crucial question of cooperation programs in civilized and socialized world.


This is what led to the emergence of several associations in order to identify Good Governance indicators and control their impacts in society.


As a pictorial matter, we will name:


1.     In the frame work of the United Nations for Africa, the economic commission for Africa (E.C.A), the united nations development programs (U.N.D.P), with the help of many other organizations either being part of the United Nations organization system (U.N); as well as several donor countries; they have put in place forum processes on governance in Africa (FGA) which is an international and annual meeting.

2.     The department of economic and social affairs (D.A.E.S), with UNDP funding, has created the inventory of governance in Africa (I.G.A), which is a compilation of information on programs and projects with regards to governance in sub-Saharan Africa classified in ten (10) descriptive heads.

3.     In the NEPAD framework, African heads of states have adopted a declaration on good political, economic and enterprising governance. At the same occasion, they have created the African peer revue mechanism of a country by others…


With the influence of all these associations even though actions on the ground are still at theoretical level, today Good Governance appears as a conditionality of a capital contribution in quantity and quality of the international aid or every material support coming from the international community. With a view to politically support societies willing to receive international aid for their development; it was created on the eighth day of the month of April in the year two thousand and seven, in South Africa, precisely in Pretoria, a non governmental and a non-profit organization named: Action And Good Governance in short A.A.G.G which I am the executive president an organization that brings together several groups coming from different political, social, religious, cultural, and racial mainstreams…which without seeking to conquer a political power in any country; put pressure on active and non-active political and social role players, to bring them to conceive projects, to take measures and decisions, to act…in a nutshell to bring them to act in a sense required by Good Governance in order to allow their societies to accede to material and financial support coming from international community.

By this fact, no society can mature self contained, this is why the Action And Good Governance will make sure as development agent and will consequently respond to the following functions: the Action And Good Governance and a forum of discussions, is a political and decisive factor, it is a political role player (opinion maker), it is an agent that maintains public order (in its preventive and political socialization mission), is an agent of Good Governance development and in the end a medium at the disposal of  leaders and the governed.


Ladies and Gentlemen;


I would like to particularly emphasize on the political socialization of bad governance victims. It aims development while putting the man at the peripheral centre as its development agent. This is why; the Action And Good Governance will apprehend socialization as its leading edge activity in order to form a public opinion on Good Governance indicators to allow the man to take charge of himself.

The Action And Good Governance will expose solution tracks in view of providing guidance to political role players of affected societies towards Good Governance while asking from them to be attached and be moved by the neighbor’s love, sharing and justice.


On the same note, the Good Governance that we are so earnestly defending is perceived by some African heads of states as an “uncomfortable conditionality” sometimes as an “interference in their internal affairs”; this manner to see and apprehend the implementation and control of Good Governance for the development of societies; is only a manifestation of what can be done by a primary selfishness.


These statesmen only talk about interference when they really want to see on how international aids are managed. But when they negotiate the acquisition of these international aids, with stained diplomacy of Good Governance; they don’t talk about interference; what selfishness? In the humanization of the planet, interference is a vain word.


Ladies and Gentlemen;


For such a humanitarian objective to be translated in practical terms and to results in multiform concretization, not only there is a need within the association Action And Good Governance, men and women coming from different political, social, religious, cultural, racial tendencies…; credible, generous and capable men and women to spread the message of development which is Good Governance; but also and especially of your moral, material as well as financial support.


In a nutshell, Ladies and Gentlemen; please find in the Action And Good governance, the appropriate framework allowing you to give free flow to your treasure of generosity which has not been exploited for a long time.


Ladies and Gentlemen;


To end, allow me to remind you of our duty so noble which is to humanize the planet. From this fact, we ask you to multiply efforts so that together we could liberate men from all these constraints; by aiming his fulfillment and by putting in place living and existence conditions which will give him a sense of belonging to a human community. And this is only possible by respecting requirements and principles of Good Governance.


May the Action and Good Governance Live?


I thank you.


Serge Ntumba

Executive President



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  • Specialiste en Sciences Politiques et Administratives de Luniversite de Lubumbashi. Certifie en Bonne Gouvernance a l'Universite de Pretoria en Afrique du Sud.Pere de 3 enfants.
  • Specialiste en Sciences Politiques et Administratives de Luniversite de Lubumbashi. Certifie en Bonne Gouvernance a l'Universite de Pretoria en Afrique du Sud.Pere de 3 enfants.